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Frequently Asked Questions

Spring Softball

Q.  My daughter plays multiple sports.  What is the level of commitment for Spring Softball?  When does the season start and end?
A.  Spring softball is a recreational league where all girls are encouraged to participate and have fun.  While there is no specific attendance requirement, please bear in mind that your daughter is joining a team and they depend on her to be present at as many games and practices as possible.  Those vary by age, but you can generally expect to have 1-2 games per week, plus 1 practice, at a minimum.

Opening Day for Spring softball is scheduled for April 29, 2017.

Q.  My daughter has never played softball before and is a little nervous.  Will she get to play?
A. Spring softball is all about generating and sustaining interest in playing softball.  All players get to play in every game and coaches make every effort to play them at multiple positions to provide maximum exposure to all elements of the game.

Q.  How are teams selected? 
A.  That varies by age group:

  • In the Fundamental age group, there is one team with a focus on teaching the basics of softball.
  •  In the Instructional group, teams are evenly distributed based on the number of girls that register.  This level introduces more rules and begins to teach the game.  Scores are not recorded.
  • In the Minor, Major, and Senior groups, there is an evaluation held in the spring whose goal is to create teams with even skill levels to promote competitive balance.  This is NOT a tryout and every girl makes a team. 

Q.  How can I get involved?
A.  Volunteers are critical to the success of our organization.  We rely upon the help and enthusiasm of the community to make our program successful.  Therefore, all families are allowed the opportunity to volunteer from a number of different options during the registration process.




Q.  I remember general skills clinics last year.  When do they begin?  Can anybody sign up?
A.  The winter clinics typically begin the first weekend in March and continue for 4 weeks.  Look for an email in February announcing registration.  Any girls currently in 1st through 8th grade can register.

Q. What about Pitching and Catching clinics?  Can anybody attend these or do you need experience?
A.  Pitching clinics typically begin in January.  This year, we have added a second Pitching clinic session in March.  The annual catching clinics take place in March as well.  There is no prior pitching or catching experience required in order to attend the clinics, although you should be in 2nd grade or above to register.  For more information, please visit the Clinics page at norfolkgirlssoftball.com. 






Q.  Why are you having tryouts so early this year?
A.  We are holding tryouts in February this year in an effort to get the teams together earlier and be more competitive with other teams in the league.  Most towns have their Summer tryouts and team selection in the Fall of the previous year.  This is a competitive travel league and we are committed to giving our girls the most positive experience possible.  We believe that this will help achieve that goal.

The Summer League differs from the Spring League is terms of competition level.  Unfortunately, not all players who tryout are selected to be on the team, as opposed to the Spring League where all registered girls make a team.  However, if enough girls tryout and enough coaches are available, multiple teams in each age division may be fielded.  That determination is made after the tryouts.  There may be other Summer leagues in the local area which may be able to accommodate other players.  By holding our tryouts earlier, it is our hope that girls that do not qualify for our Summer League team(s) may find a spot in an alternative organization for the Summer.

Q.  How are the coaches selected?
A.  Head coaches for the Summer season are nominated and approved by the Norfolk Girls Softball Board based on a number of factors, including experience and expertise.  Assistant coaches are selected by the head coach after the tryouts are completed and the teams are selected.

 Q.  How are the teams selected?
A.  We utilize experienced coaches who do not have a daughter in the age group they are evaluating assess the girls during the tryouts.  We understand that this can be a stressful process for the girls and their families and have made every effort to create a fair evaluation system.

Q.  My daughter plays multiple sports.  What is the level of commitment for Summer Softball?
A.  There are two age groups for Summer softball.  The 10U team (must be age 10 or below as of 12/31/2011) will likely play on Tuesdays and Thursdays and can expect to play one or more weekend tournaments; the 12U team(must be age 12 or below as of 12/31/2011)  will likely play on Mondays and Wednesdays and can expect to play in a few weekend tournaments.  A tournament is a weekend long commitment (Friday through Sunday).

There are likely going to be games during July 4th week.

At least one practice a week is also scheduled; practices will begin sometime in February and will be in addition to the spring recreation schedule.
Players MUST make a commitment to play at least 8 of the 10 games scheduled, as well as attend practices and play in the tournaments.  Those players chosen for summer will be among many hoping to be selected.  A firm commitment is expected (including practices).